Tuesday, 11 June 2013

10 Tier Shoe Rack with Dust Cover


  • Stack it up anyway you want, from two layers to 10 layers
  • Material: PP black plastic, metal
  • Features:
    • Holds up to 30 pairs of adult shoes
    • Comes with cover to keep dust out
    • Adjustable tilt angle
    • Can also fit flat items such as shoe boxes and flat shoes
  • Specifications:
    • Dimensions:
      • 64 x 20 x 156cm (without cover)
      • Color: Beige
      • Package size: 67 x 15 x 25 cm
      • Weight: 2.5 kg

Holds up to 30 pairs of adult shoes, the shoe rack eliminates horizontal space consumption, elevating faithful soles 10 flights above ground. 

10 Tier Shoe Rack


  • Stores up to 30 pairs of shoes
  • Portable (easy to assemble or dissemble)
  • 10 tiers, fits most shoes (except boots)
  • Light weight yet sturdy


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Takoyaki Cooking Machine



Foot Massager Tub




The only advantage mermaids have over two feet folks is that they don't come home with sores and blisters.

Simply add on favourable ingredients - herbs, purple flowers, essential oils - into the tub and let its mechanism vibrate away those pains and aches. Pedi stones will also be given to aid the removal of dead skin. 

Product Features & Specifications: 
  • Material: Safe PP
  • Voltage: 220v, 600W
  • Weight: Approximately 3kg
  • Water Volume: 4.5 liter
  • Usage: Herbs may be added for a relaxing herbal soak. Can also be used as a bubble spa
  • Functions:
    • Infrared light
    • Heat control
    • Vibration at the bottom of the tub when power is on
    • Pedi stone for foot dead skin removal







Multipurpose Teppanyaki Griller



  • Multipurpose griller, homemade teppanyaki
  • Non stick pan for grilling and frying meat, fish and chicken
  • Make a steamboat fiesta with your own steamboat pot



In taekwondo-like garb they sauteed and pan-fried numerous chunks of poultry and greens with the nimbleness of a ninja and the efficiency of a Google search.

If the world of Jap culinary continues to baffle you, consider acquiring today's of a Multipurpose Teppanyaki Griller at only RM88!
Place a steamboat pot on top of it an enjoy grillin-cum-steamboat fiesta.

Product Specifications:
  • Size: 26cm x 20cm
  • Voltage: 220v, 350w
  • Weight: 0/8kg
  • Color: White





Infrared Heater Foot Massager 




  • Relieve both your feet with this Infrared, magnetic, heater foot massager
  • Improve blood circulation for both your feet
  • Adjustable Vibration speed
  • Built in Infrared heater for foot therapy
  • specifications:
    • Weight: 1.2kg
    • Size: Approximately 29cm x 8cm x 35cm



The only advantage mermaids have over two feet folks is that they don't come home with sores and blisters.






Multi-Functional Ninja Fruit Juice Blender




  • Transforms ice cubes into perfect, creamy frozen drinks and desserts in just a blink of an eye
  • Unique processing power for uniform cutting and ice crushing action
  • Ergonomic Operation with one touch pulsing creates an easy to use and safe product
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe parts


Details of the Item

For the faint hearted, the kitchen can be a scary place with knives of all shapes and sizes hidden on kitchen counters and in numerous drawers.

Today’s makes a quick trip to the food foundry less traumatising with the Multi-Functional Ninja Fruit Juice Blender for RM170!

Package includes:
  • 1x Ninja Power Pod
  • 1x Mini Master Prep Cup
  • 1x Quad Blade
  • 2x Storage Lid
  • 1x Master Prep Pitcher
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Preparing a glass of thirst quencher or that midnight draught for sleep requires only assembly of this powerful tool and a quick push of that pulsating button.

  • Ninja Master Pod
    - Allows you to quickly and easily move from container to container
  • Ninja Pitcher
    - Makes fantastic frozen drinks, family-sized meals and more
  • Ninja Chopper
    - Perfectly preps delicious gourmet meals and desserts in just seconds, comes equipped with unique Ninja blades
  • Ninja Lids
    - Seals and stores away all your fabulous creations and serve them when you need them
  • Following recipes and prepping food become effortless with the 2 Cup Processor:
    - Minces
    - Dices
    - Chops
    - Blends
    - Purees
  • Large 48oz Pitcher
    - Perfect for making several drinks at a time; easy flip pour spout and no slip bottom
  • Interchangeable Motor Head
    - Prep appetisers in the processor and quickly switch to activate the party pitcher for drinks